From an idea after I broke a Guitar Nut + String.


This idea came about when I picked up my Guitar, and while tuning it, the Nut snapped off at the bass E string, and then the A string snapped, sheeesh... but a theme was born, "Broken String".

That idea "Broken String" progressed to "Broken Cord" after some sketches I made that gave me the impression of a Mother holding a Child.

*    *    *

All the separate elements ready to assemble.

Materials used:
Les Paul copy ex-electric Guitar, Ukulele, Copper, Aluminum, MDF base, 2 Guitar machine heads, and Acrylic paint.

*    *    *

My beautiful Model. 

Lovely shape and raised contour across the top of the body.  :)
It was a badly damaged Japanese copy of a Les Paul. 
I thought of a sound-hole looking right through the body, (marked out) (the sound-hole of all sound-holes) for practical reasons to work from the reverse, and representing an empty Womb with both "cords" coming from the inside.

I wasted a lot of time  sanding off the old wood stain hoping to reveal the grain underneath, but as it turned out the Guitar was probably factory built with layers of plywood and glue, and while over-sanding a bit, I exposed some of the top laminate and underneath was an opposite cross-grain which just looked too unnatural, so after all that I painted it black anyway to compliment the Copper and Aluminium "cords"  leaving the original wood grain around the edge to help it stand out a little more.

Thanks to  Robbie Byrne for the Guitar. :)

*    *    *

Some initial ideas and sketches. 
This came as a notion if it was possible to break a Guitar neck while  over-tuning.

"Broken Neck"

Re: Mishap on Derrynane beach dunes.

A tribute to Jenny and Simon Taylor.

Have a listen to Simon's Album "Now Then" here

This scribble inspired the idea of a Mother with Child theme.
I asked on social media if anybody had any old broken Guitars to use and somebody  kindly donated one which was the prefect shape, a Japanese copy of an electric Les Paul.

Needing something smaller for the "baby" somebody gave me an old broken Ukulele to use and the size was perfect.
Thanks Clare.

Some of the Copper pieces are decorative only and the "f-hole" type shapes also double as sperms, so all in all the finished piece is about life and that broken connection with the Mother, the Umbilical Cord. 

*    *    *

Some original layouts.

*    *    *

Mixed Media on A2 Paper.

*    *    *

The Ukulele works perfectly.

I cut it in half sideways to get it closer to the body and sanded it down to fit the contours on the top, and moving the "f-holes" around to see how they might work. 
They didn't work like that as it turns out.
Nice shapes.

This was the  mixed media piece I was making when I thought I could make this as a Sculpture piece. I had the idea of the umbilical cord there and the "mother" looking down while holding the "baby" and "baby's" arm around the "mother's" Neck.
Sounds mad, I know. :))

Cardboard and Pastel.

*    *    *

Shaping the Copper arm to hold the Uke.

*    *    *

M.D.F. base. 

Hole marked for Copper pipe to hold the top piece. 

Cute "Baby"  :)
I filled in the bottom holes and left the top two for machine head "Eyes"

"Mum" :)

Altering the Headstock.

Copper cutout.


Cut neck with Copper joints.


*    *    *

Photo Journal of progression.

*    *    *


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